Once the building waste is segregated into Wet and Dry waste, the Dry or Recyclable waste can be disposed off to recyclers or for the local Municipality to take away. Alternately, we can arrange for it to be taken away by our partners, who will further segregate and recycle as much as possible, thereby reducing it’s movement to the landfill.

Dry waste can be further segregated into Hazardous or Bio Medical Waste, E Waste and balance Dry Waste.

Segregated dry waste being sent to the landfills is beneficial in the following ways:

1. The total amount of waste being transported is minimized, thus saving fuel and reducing pollution.
2. The dry waste reaching the landfills is segregated for recycling at the landfill, with the recyclers purchasing the segregated material at the site itself.
3. When the wet and dry waste is segregated at source, a higher percentage of dry waste is recyclable as it is not damaged by contact with wet waste.
4. Ragpickers at the landfill are benefitted with not only a higher remuneration for their efforts, but they are also spared from rummaging through toxic mixed waste being dumped at the site.
5. The waste being left in the landfills is reduced to the non recyclable dry waste.