About Us


Hari Dharti Eco Solutions was launched in October 2015 with the objective of providing effective solutions to waste management. The organization has since then developed the following offerings:
– awareness programs for the need for taking responsibility of waste management / ill effects of landfills / need for segregation of waste
– training for waste segregation / types of waste
– awareness programs for school children on effective and responsible waste management
– range of solutions for converting wet waste to rich compost
– effective disposal solutions for e waste / bio hazardous waste / other dry waste
We are constantly researching solutions to all types of waste management and green initiatives to come up with the most viable options.

Hari Dharti Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About Co Founders Of Hari Dharti

Champa Ganguli

Launched Hari Dharti Eco Solutions with Hansa Pardiwala in October 2015, offering solutions to dealing effectively with waste, with the objective of minimising waste being sent to the landfills. Executive Coach, certified on the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Program. BPO Professional since 1999, having worked on a variety of processes in both voice and non voice operations and training, spanning Collections, Customer Services, Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications, in organizations such as GECIS, GE Money Servicing, IBM and TCS Started career in 1988 with Kirloskar Consultants in Pune, with Industrial Market Research. Have a Management Degree in Finance and have worked with NBFCs such as GE Countrywide and Times Guaranty Financial Services in a variety of roles such as Equity Research, Merchant Banking, Fixed Deposits, HR and Back Office Operations for Bulk Loans, before starting my career in the BPO Industry with GECIS (now GENPACT).

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